Being a part of a well-established architectural LED lighting manufacturer means that we can borrow unique technologies that have been proven in the field and apply them to the horticultural industry. Not only were we able to apply these technologies to horticulture, we also came up with one of our own.


Our Horticultural Networking (HORNET) protocol is a differential, two-way communications protocol used by HEDERA APEX. Developed by Linnaeus Lighting specifically for horticulture, it allows users to control up to 65,000 fixtures on one low-cost network. When we looked at existing communications protocols, we realized that none of them were sufficient for the large-scale installations typical of commercial cultivation, so we developed one from the ground up specifically for the commercial horticultural market.

Hornet allows the user to control individual fixtures, as well as to organize fixtures into rows, rooms, and custom software-defined groups. Broadcasting mode allows the user to control all the fixtures on the network simultaneously, and with our software’s scheduling feature, light modulation can be fully automated. Triggers from external sensors can be used to control light levels, and Hornet can be easily integrated into existing building management systems like BACNet. Our software dashboard constantly updates diagnostic data from the fixtures, allowing you to monitor and log the overall health of the lighting system remotely.


COLOR-AMP® technology maximizes the light output of your lighting fixture automatically. It is a technology built into HEDERA APEX which monitors the fixture’s power usage at all times, allowing your plants to get as many photons as possible while operating within the safe limits of your power supply.


UNIBODY™ which is used in HEDERA HELIX and APEX was developed in order to increase durability and reliability by eliminating all seams, gaskets and endcaps. UNIBODY™ eliminates these weak points on the fixture where water and dust can get inside. Even though grow rooms and greenhouses are controlled environments, we still want to give you fixtures that can be easily cleaned by pressure washing and scrubbing with IPA or other harsh chemicals.


Industry research as well as our internal records show that 3/4 of the failures in the lighting system happen on the power supply level. INFINITY® can be used to remotely power HEDERA HELIX and VERTEX in your greenhouse or grow rooms. Rack-mounted power supplies can be installed away from the plants in an air-conditioned room or cabinet where it can be accessed and serviced easily, with the option of keeping redundant power supplies ready in case backup power is needed. Another pleasant advantage of INFINITY® is that it is more cost-effective in volume than the traditional fixture-mounted drivers.