Linear form factor means that every row of plants will get an equal amount of light.

60° or 120° beam angles ensure that all available light is directed towards the plants.

Passive heatsink increases reliability as well as enables easy cleaning and disinfecting.

Optically clear tempered glass is not only safe on impact, it can also be easily cleaned.

Bright, customizable light. Several all-purpose, full spectrum white light recipes are available as standard offerings.

Fixtures are built to the IP66 standard making them pressure washable and scrubbable.


Built for efficiency, reliability, and affordability, HELIX doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of its siblings, but it doesn’t cost much to take home. It is best suited for use in indoor growing application as well as home growing in grow tents.

VERTEX is like a twin to HELIX but with more focus. With its 60° optic, its light can shine just as bright as HELIX but from a greater distance. This makes it an ideal lighting source for greenhouse and green “living” wall applications.

APEX is the genius of the HEDERA family. It has 6 individually adjustable color channels and digital controls to dial in the exact light recipe desired. It is more a scientific tool than a grow light. We hope Apex can help advance horticultural research in both the University & Commercial setting.

M3 IS high performance luminaire designed for professional horticultural cultivation.  Ideal luminaire for vertical farming applications.

The most scientifically advanced

horticultural lighting on the planet